VIDEC Group was formerly known as Vietnam Construction and Design Consultant Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Construction and Design Investment Joint Stock Company. Through the development and maturity process, the Company has expanded its business activities and changed its name to VIDEC Group Joint Stock Company with the main business lines of real estate investment and business consultancy. design and construction of roads and bridges, industrial parks … In which real estate investment and business is the top priority.


As an investor, VIDEC Group has been implementing projects:

* VIDEC Complex project (Court A, Court B and Star Tower) at 283 Khuong Trung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. Project scale is 1ha, total 650 units, population is about 2,200 people.

* The Diamond Park project – in Me Linh Urban Area, Tien Phong Commune, Me Linh District, Hanoi City. Project scale: 15ha, population about 3,600 people.

* Project of Residential area for sale combining office and service – Riverside Garden at 349 Vu Tong Phan street, Khuong Dinh ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi (Old address: No. 45A, Lane 35 Khuong Ha street, Khuong Ha ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi city). Project scale: 8,873 m2; number of apartments 650 units; population about 2,200 people.

* Tay Ho Skyline Project (Mixed office building, services and houses for sale) – No. 5 Lac Long Quan, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

* Galaxy Tower  project – Thanh Liet commune, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi city (on Nguyen Xien street, near The Manor area). Scale: approximately 3000 m2.

With a team of young architects, engineers, creative, professional, dedicated to the profession, always create quality products and bring specific features. With deep understanding as well as high expertise in the field of architectural design, VIDEC Group always has many solutions and choices (including selection from other design consultants) to find the way. The best design project for projects that VIDEC is an investor. Since then VIDEC Group affirmed that VIDEC’s housing products are approaching the level of perfection from space, apartment furniture, to corridors, lighting as well as landscapes, gardens, roads and green trees. cool … The ultimate goal is to provide customers with comfortable, modern, comfortable and peaceful products in the process of using and living.

2015 – 2016, The Group & nbsp; has completed and handed over Unit A and B High-rise Housing Project to cadres and soldiers of the Ministry of Public Security’s Criminal Science Institute; In 2017, completing Star Tower project at 283 Khuong Trung, Khuong Trung ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, including 385 apartments, with reasonable design, maximum elimination of “dead area”, apartment area. from 70-90 m2, with 2-3 bedrooms, 2 WC. This is the project of the company, from the preparation of investment, the starting date and construction schedule, meeting many criteria for people with average income: distance, price and quality …


Promoting the advantage of being a multidisciplinary investor, with the objective of investing in building a concentrated and responsive manufacturing industrial cluster 
responding to technical infrastructure conditions, in order to best satisfy the requirements of investors, VIDEC has been developing 
declared projects of Kim Thanh (Hai Duong) and Nhuan Trach (Hoa Binh) with large area, convenient location … affirming the prestige and growth of VIDEC in general investment projects and industrial zone projects in particular.


Not only in the fields of investment, construction design consultancy, minerals and real estate, VIDEC also demonstrates its profound competence in the field of hydropower with big projects in some localities. Hung Loi 1 and Hung Loi 2 hydropower projects in Tuyen Quang are one of the potential projects, contributing to the development of VIDEC in the future.

The biggest advantage of the & nbsp; Group VIDEC as an investor of projects, is that the Board of Directors is all grown up from large construction investment enterprises, with practical experience and a team of architects and engineers Good job, enthusiastic. Most projects handed over and put into use are highly appreciated by customers.

The Group & nbsp; also captures the changing real estate market in terms of product diversity in the segments, positive changes in the quality of construction investment and services. Therefore, with projects that have been and will be implemented, in addition to focusing on investment in infrastructure construction, the & nbsp; Group also actively cooperates with banks, supports the prime minister, interest rates for buyers home, pay attention to investment in utilities and after-sales service.

Next time, VIDEC & nbsp; Group continues to focus on the field of real estate investment in middle and high-end segments; At the same time, many large, strategic and long-term projects will be implemented, such as resort real estate, investment, construction of roads and bridges, industrial parks in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and some local…

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